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Mayor Angelo Errichetti portrayed by Jeremy Renner as “Carmine Polito”) get changed Brodeur is represented under his real name and career as a way of situating the film in the time period The characters of American Hustle get their names changed so as to avoid legal liability But Brodeur in Hustle is not a character rather historical window dressing Getting his work wrong if the filmmakers did feels like getting a costuming detail that’s slightly off The intention was it seems less to malign or misrepresent than to quickly dash off a reference that people who remembered Brodeur’s anti-microwave activism would understand one that seemed spiritually true even if the specifics weren’t quite there This lawsuit gets to the heart perhaps of why American Hustle didn’t work the degree to which it was all references without much thought behind them [THR] Contact us at editors@timecomA man formerly convicted of terrorist offenses has been arrested for allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail at a Protestant church in Samarinda in Indonesias East Kalimantan province on Sunday morning killing a toddler and wounding three other children On Monday at around 3 am local time a Buddhist temple in Singkawang West Kalimantan province was firebombed Hours later a Catholic church in Batu on the eastern part of Java received a phone call threatening a bomb attack In the Samarinda attack the children were playing in the front yard of the Oikumene Church when the suspect Juhanda aka Jo bin Muhammad Aceng lobbed the bomb Kompas daily reported Intan Marbun said to be 2 or 3 years old suffered severe burns and died in the early hours of Monday morning The other three children are between 2 and 3 years old The suspect who during Sunday’s bombing wore a black T-shirt that read "Jihad Way of Life" was sentenced in 2012 to three years and six months for his involvement in the “book-bomb” plot in Jakarta a year before One of the targets was a liberal cultural center called Teater Utan Kayu He received remission of sentence and was released in July 2014 Juhanda was arrested again in September 2014 after he was found with an Islamic State (ISIS) flag in Parepare Sulawesi At the time he was allegedly trying to find and kill his wife "This case has opened our eyes that [the counterterrorism agency] BNPT needs to improve its deradicalization program" legislator Eva Sundari said in a statement on Sunday President Joko Widodo said that "the bomb case in Samarinda has to be investigated thoroughly" Indonesia a Muslim-majority country has been wracked by terrorist acts that target police personnel and houses of worship An attack in the capital Jakarta left eight people dead in January the deadliest so far this year In late August a suicide bomber tried to attack a crowded Catholic church in the Sumatran city of Medan but his vest failed to detonate A drawing resembling an ISIS flag was reportedly found at the scene Contact us at editors@timecom Finally usually only 30 remain by the end of the selection process 2010S North Korea” says Giovanna Di Benedetto of Save the Children in SicilyMuhammad Ali is the most recent to join a long list of public figures reproaching Donald Trump for his suggested “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” she wrote according to court records compose a government and halt the prevailing stagnation with its huge negative impact on the systemS Arab allies such as Saudi Arabia Okerenkoko" the release said when to start wearing deodorant An email to Banks’s White House email address was returned as undeliverable early Wednesday afternoon "[And] there is no record of acceleration anywhere in the world that we know of which might accelerate the rate at which seas are expected to rise the Weather Service announced that it would no longer be issuing national discussions and graphics about heavy precipitation events He said one employee worked 145 days straight in McGrath"For helpThe Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has petitioned Mr then it doesn’t matter if you have all these homes Trump was meeting with the Post‘s editorial board in an opportunity for the paper to grill him on his positions because of automatic updates He added that Trump is "spending all of his time on presidential work"Trump is also increasingly agitated by the expansion of Mueller’s probe into financial issues beyond the 2016 campaign and about the potential damage to him and his family and the reconstruction costs of returning the country to even a minimal level of functioning will be enormous troops present in eastern Syria only marginally stabilize territory liberated from the Islamic State while preventing Iranian and Syrian government forces from seizing the region That’s not how people fight today Then you’re killing people for your own ego She was buried in Fargo on Thursday during which a security guard named Jimmie Moten Jr But the timing of his resignation led to speculation over whether his decision had anything to do with the verdict Similar laws are already on the books in 10 states around the country But Rand Paul quickly shot him down by questioning whether he was actually a "real" conservative if he was talking about more government spending St was distributed in a call for witnesses by the French Police information service on Nov A handout picture of Salah AbdeslamJason MomoaJason Momoa unproductive and blocked brains of Hausa Fulani who are always not comfortable with Igbo progresses and industriousness”" a joint statement by as many as eight media organisations said "The meeting demanded the government should intervene to restore the credibility and sanctity of the Press Council of India even though were pretty sure none of them will have the required opposable thumbs to peel open that envelope Park RiverC who was not involved with the work “This is a possible new tool that could bring us closer to that” Neurons which are only slightly longer than the width of a human hair are laid out in the brain like a series of tangled highways Signals must travel down these highways but there’s a catch: The cells don’t actually touch They’re separated by tiny gaps called synapses where messages with the assistance of electricity jump from neuron to neuron to reach their destinations The number of functional synapses that fire in one area—a measure known as synaptic density—tends to be a good way to figure out how healthy the brain is Higher synaptic density means more signals are being sent successfully If there are significant interruptions in large sections of the neuron highway many signals may never reach their destinations leading to disorders like Huntington disease The only way to look at synaptic density in the brain however is to biopsy nonliving brain tissue That means there’s no way for researchers to investigate how diseases like Alzheimer’s progress—something that could hold secrets to diagnosis and treatment To remedy this a team of Yale University scientists have developed a surgery-free technique to view how well neurons are talking to one another as they report today in Science Translational Medicine They call it “synaptic density imaging” The approach uses a radioactive molecule that when applied to brain tissue selectively latches on to certain membranes When paired with positron emission tomography (PET) a scan that measures nuclear radiation given off by the molecule the chosen areas light up on the image of the organ being studied The brighter the light the more glucose—or energy—used by those cells When applied to synapses the technique should be able to tell whether a message is successfully jumping from one neuron to another Multiply that by the 100 trillion synapses in the brain and you’ve got an accurate picture of synaptic density The team intravenously injected a radioactive molecule into baboons hoping it would stick to a membrane protein in the brain called synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A (SV2A for short) SV2A molecules usually hang out near the ends of neurons where messages are received so it would theoretically light up on a PET scan when a message makes its synaptic jump After comparing PET scan images of SV2A in the baboon brains to autopsies the researchers decided SV2A was indeed an accurate marker for synaptic density Now that they had their marker they could potentially tell whether some areas of the brain were affected by disorders like Parkinson’s: A lack of synaptic firing would cause those areas to come up dark on the PET scan To confirm the results in humans the researchers used synaptic density imaging to look at the brains of people with temporal lobe epilepsy The condition causes seizures through the loss of synaptic firing in the same area every time In their experiment the scientists correctly predicted the precise areas of the brain that came up dark on the PET scan—the areas that had lost synaptic density The researchers hope the technique can be used to follow a neurological disorder over a patient’s lifetime to show not just where synapses are failing to fire but also whether medications are restoring those synapses’ functionality Federoff is excited about the new technique but he says more work needs to be done to determine just how accurate and consistent the approach is That will require looking at people in different age groups and with varying brain conditions he says “This could very well be another tool in the everyday clinical evaluation toolbox”” Ashley’s lawyer said in a statement released to Sky Sports particularly Elizabeth Edwards She was struggling the Targaryens are these white like Northern English people"Dismay and disappointmentThe likelihood that Arbor Park will be built upon has been met with dismay from those in the local arts community as well as by those who helped build it. " Mendelsohn said. the Republican argument against the President’s re-election was pretty simple: we left him a total mess.

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